The Monstera (Vegan & Eggless)
The Monstera (Vegan & Eggless)
The Monstera (Vegan & Eggless)
The Monstera (Vegan & Eggless)

The Monstera (Vegan & Eggless)

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Rich and dramatic color lend The Monstera a sense of enduring beauty and regal grandeur. Vibrant edible gold steal the spotlight, lending the cake a distinctive, artisanal quality that stands apart from others. 

6 inch cake shown here

What you need to know:

 Cake stand not included.

We are not a nut free facility.

Because of the intricacy and handmade nature of these designs, the colors may vary slightly from the ones pictured.

Florals are made from gumpaste sugar materials for decorative purposes only and contain metal wires.

Since each cake is hand designed for every order, a small amounts of natural variation in design can be expected.

Need To Know - Vegan & Eggless
  • Order must be placed by 5 p.m. for a next day delivery
  • 6" wide cake shown here
  • All cakes are 6" tall and multi-layered
  • Cake stand not included
  • Each cake is intricately hand designed for every order
  • Natural variation in design can be expected & colours may vary slightly
  • Florals are for decorative purposes only & contain metal wires
  • Our products are made using shared equipment which processes dairy, nuts, wheat and other materials. While we do our best to prevent cross-contamination, we are not an allergy-free facility
Have specific allergies or dietary requirements? Check out our Dietary Preferences Collections
    • The cake can be refrigerated until one hour before serving
    • Please refrigerate leftover cake immediately after cutting
    • If you choose to freeze the cake, please use proper air tight freezing methods 
    • Ideal outside serving temperature is 22°C
    • The cake will start to melt/soften in temperatures over 24°C
    • Please avoid direct sunlight on the cake for long durations


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